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Xoreax Using Process Virtualization to Deliver Supercomputing Performance with Existing Hardware

Xoreax is out with news that their IncrediBuild-XGE software uses process virtualization to deliver supercomputing performance with existing hardware. According to the company, harnessing idle CPU cycles in your local network or public cloud enables incrediBuild-XGE to achieve processing speedups of up to 30x. Organizations don’t realize they are sitting on a supercomputer,” said Eyal […]

Video: An Update on Virtualization Technologies for HPC

In this video, Josh Simons from VMware discusses how virtualization technologies are making inroads into traditional HPC. Simons has been working on the project for two years as a representative for VMware’s CTO office. Recorded at ISC’12 in Hamburg. You can follow progress on this effort at the Josh Simons blog.

Podcast: Hot Interconnects Conference Seeks Your Papers on Datacenter, Virtualization, and Cloud Networking

In this audio podcast, Patrick Geoffray and Torsten Hoefler from the Hot Interconnects Conference lay out thier final Call for Papers. Conference themes include cross-cutting issues spanning computer systems, networking technologies, and communication protocols for high-performance interconnection networks. This conference is directed particularly at new and exciting technology and product innovations in these areas. Contributions […]

eXludus Rolls Out World’s First Micro-Virtualization Platform

Today eXludus announced the first Micro-Virtualization solution that extends virtualization to the “micro” level so that users can also optimize the real-time allocation of micro-resources, such as cores and memory, in multi-core systems. The ability to manage resources at this level becomes especially important as the number of cores per system continues to grow. The […]

Video: Josh Simons from VMware on Virtualization for HPC and Big Data

In this video, William Wallace from insideHPC interviews VMware’s Josh Simons on the topics of virtualization and RDMA, high performance computing, and Big Data. Recorded at the Open Fabrics Workshop on March 26, 2012 in Monterey, CA. Josh has also posted some interesting notes on his presentation on RDMA at the Workshop: In my introduction, […]

Researchers Encouraged to Submit Proposals on Security in Virtualization

Clipped from: (share this clip)   The good folks at VMware Labs have issued their Spring 2012 Request for Proposals on Security for Virtualized and Cloud Platforms. Our research interests in the field of security are broad, including but not limited to the following topics: Homomorphic encryption systems and their applications in cloud environments, […]

Video: VMware Update on Virtualization Technologies for HPC at SC11

In this video, Josh Simons from VMware provides an update on how virtualization technologies are being adopted by HPC. Recorded at SC11 in Seattle. Is virtualization coming to HPC? The answer is yes, and you can follow this technology as it progresses at Simons’ High Performance Computing Blog from the VMware CTO office. From last […]

Virtualization and HPC

Brian Proffitt writes that while Virtualization has a strong appeal in the enterprise, it has yet to catch on in HPC. Realistically, there are few reasons why a virtualization solution, when properly deployed, would not be appropriate for an HPC task set, as many of the early bugaboos have been removed by new innovation and performance […]

Slidecast: IO Turbine Launches Accelio SSD Accelerator for Virtualization

In this slidecast, Rich Brueckner from insideHPC interviews IO Turbine CEO Rich Boberg. The company’s newest product, Accelio uses SSD/Flash on the compute server to solve I/O bottleneck problems in VMware environments. When installed on VMware servers, Accelio transparently identifies the highest priority data and offloads IOPS from primary storage to Flash, delivering performance directly […]

Video: Panel Discussion on Making OFED a Fit for Cloud/Virtualization

In this video, Intel’s Tom Stachura leads a panel discussion: Making OFED A Fit For Cloud/Virtualization. Panelists: Dave Durkee (ENKI), Paul Grun (System Fabric Works), Ronald Luijten (IBM), Josh Simons (VMWare), Jake Smith (Advanced Server Technologies). Recorded at the Open Fabrics 2011 Workshop in Monterey. Slides from the Workshop are now available for download… but you’ll need to […]