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Why 2014 Will be a Breakout Year for HPC Virtualization

Josh Simons

“I’m doubling down this year on the continued rise of internal use of virtualization for HPC workloads, either as vCAC-based private clouds or vSphere deployments. Why? Because in 2013 we saw a big jump in interest within our customer base for virtualizing HPC workloads, especially those in Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Life Sciences, and Financial Services.”

Panel Discussion: “And You Thought HPC Virtualization was never going to happen”


HPC clusters have become a cornerstone for many scientific fields including some we’d never expected, such as biology. Virtualization is essential to a vast new era of systems and has (with some hype) given birth to ‘The Cloud’. The two are not necessarily incompatible and work is being done to bring benefits that enterprise users of virtualization enjoy to the HPC arena. This panel will challenge old notions, update you on current activities and provoke a debate about what’s needed for the future.

Dell Booth Panel Discussions on Big Data & HPC Virtualization at SC13


In this slidecast, Mark Fernandez from Dell describes the company’s plans for their exhibit at SC13. Dell will host panel discussions on Big Data and Virtualization in their booth #1301 on Nov. 20 in Denver. The panels will be moderated by Rich Brueckner from insideHPC.

How Virtualization is Key to Unlocking Cloud HPC

In this video from ISC’13, Josh Simons from VMware discusses why the high performance computing community is starting to leverage virtualization technologies for Cloud HPC. Virtualization should not be viewed simply as a tax one pays to move into a cloud environment, but rather as an approach that can enable new capabilities that are either […]

rCUDA: A Ready-to-use Remote GPU Virtualization Framework

In this video from the HPC Advisory Council European Conference 2013, Rafael Mayo Gual from the Universitat Jaume presents: rCUDA – A Ready-to-use Remote GPU Virtualization Framework. Download the slides (PDF) and check out more videos at the HPC Advisory Council European Conference Video Gallery.

How Virtualization Changes the Definition of a "Supercomputer"

Over at the new ScaleMP Blog, CEO Shai Fultheim writes that, as the definition of a “supercomputer” continues to evolve, virtualization is the key to making HPC accessible in the real world. In my view, “Supercomputer” is all about one computer – with shared memory and I/O subsystems. It is not about “super-large-collection-of-small-machines-that-I-need-to-program-and-administer-individually”. Enter the […]

How MIT's StarCluster Powers Virtualization for Cloud HPC

Over at Admin HPC, Gavin W. Burris writes that virtualization has become a viable option for researchers with a need for cluster computing power thanks in part to StarCluster, MIT’s open-source toolkit for launching, controlling, and orchestrating clusters of virtual servers within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service. StarCluster provides a number of images […]

Slidecast: TheInfoPro Research Report on Server and Virtualization Trends

In this slidecast, Peter ffoulkes from TheInfoPro presents results from a recent study on Servers and Virtualization markets. As an analyst with a deep background in HPC, ffoulkes does a great job of bringing this research into perspective with high performance computing markets. TheInfoPro’s latest report focusing on Servers and Virtualization is set to be […]

Video: The Growing Need for HPC Virtualization

In this video, Professor Thomas J. Hacker from Purdue University lectures on virtualization clusters in high-performance computing. Additional segments on this subject are also available on YouTube.

Xoreax Using Process Virtualization to Deliver Supercomputing Performance with Existing Hardware

Xoreax is out with news that their IncrediBuild-XGE software uses process virtualization to deliver supercomputing performance with existing hardware. According to the company, harnessing idle CPU cycles in your local network or public cloud enables incrediBuild-XGE to achieve processing speedups of up to 30x. Organizations don’t realize they are sitting on a supercomputer,” said Eyal […]