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Podcast: Radio Free HPC Interviews Jack Dongarra on the New TOP500

In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team discusses the June 2013 TOP500 list with Jack Dongarra from the University of Tennessee. How did the Chinese manage to trump the world once again with the #1 supercomputer on the planet? Listen in to find out. Download the MP3 * Subscribe on iTunes * RSS Feed

nCore HPC Rolls Out BrownDwarf ARM DSP Supercomputer

We don’t get the chance to announce new players in the HPC space very often, especially from our hometown of Portland. Today newcomers nCore HPC announced the BrownDwarf Y-class supercomputer, a heterogeneous ARM- and DSP-based system designed for green high performance computing. With its unique parallel computing architecture and a high performance, low latency interconnect, […]

C-DAC Initiatives in HPC for Scientific & Engineering Research

In this video from the HPC Advisory Council European Conference 2013, Abishek Das from C-DAC presents: C-DAC Initiatives in HPC for Scientific & Engineering Research. Exploitation of parallel processing technologies for Scientific & Engineering Research will accelerate research of applications in various engineering disciplines that employ HPC techniques and facilitates research about HPC technologies contributing […]

Gordon Supercomputer Fosters New Fields of Research for HPC

With over 300 TB of high performance Intel flash memory SSD, the Gordon supercomputer at SDSC is opening the door to new areas of research for HPC such as political science, mathematical anthropology, finance, and even the cinematic arts. Gordon’s extraordinary speed makes it possible for researchers to tackle questions they couldn’t address before, simply […]

Video: Efficient and Cost-Effective HPC Interconnection Networks

In this video from the HPC Advisory Council European Conference 2013, Jesús Escudero, from the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha presents: Efficient and Cost-Effective HPC Interconnection Networks. This keynote address analyzes the most prominent challenges for designing and cost-effective interconnection networks for Exascale systems, such as topology scalability, power consumption, fault tolerance, and/or congestion control. Besides, […]

insideHPC Featured White Paper Program

Thank you for your interest in the insideHPC Featured White Paper Program. Over 100,000 high performance computing professionals visit insideHPC to stay informed about super computer products and services. The insideHPC White Paper Library offers buyers valuable resources to help them get educated and build a short list of programs and providers. Each white paper […]

Is GPI the Programming Tool for the Future of HPC?

As the programming model du jour for HPC compute clusters, MPI has many limitations in terms of scalability and fault tolerance. With these requirements in mind, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have developed a new programming interface called GPI that uses the parallel architecture of high-performance computers with maximum efficiency. I was trying to solve […]

Video: Panel Discussion on Transforming Your Business with HPC

In this video from the OCE Discovery Conference, a panel of experts looks at how business can benefit from HPC. What if your company could use data mining to discover new information, identify new trends and correlations, and create new knowledge? What if you could safely simulate multi-million dollar physical assets and processes to accelerate […]

Video: Greener Buildings Through the HPC4Energy Incubator

In this video, Dr. J. Michael McQuade, Senior Vice President, Science and Technology at United Technologies, and Dr. Bob LaBarre, Principal Mathematician & Group Leader for System Dynamics & Optimization at United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), discuss the collaboration between UTRC and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with the HPC4Energy Incubator. In order to best understand […]

Test Your Mettle on HPC Trivia

  Is it easy to tell who is the authority on high performance computing at your office? Now you can settle this once and for all. Over at the Adaptive Computing Blog, Ian Nate has posted a list of HPC Trivia questions to test your mettle. In related news, Moabcon 2013 Europe will be held on […]