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Video: NCSA on why #HPCMatters!


“Why does high-performance computing matter? Because science matters! Discovery matters! Human beings are seekers, questers, questioners. And when we get answers, we ask bigger questions. HPC extends our reach, putting more knowledge, more discovery, and more innovation within our grasp. With HPC, the future is ours to create! #HPCMatters!”

Call for Proposals: Enabling SMEs to Benefit from HPC and Digital Simulation


The European Fortissimo project has issued a Call for Proposals to broaden their portfolio of application experiments focusing on simulation services for the benefit of manufacturing SMEs.

Defining HPC Cluster Success Factors

HPC Cluster Success

The true cost of operating a successful HPC cluster extends beyond the initial hardware purchase or power budget. A truly well run and efficient cluster also minimizes the amount of time, resources, and level of expertise administrators need to detect and mitigate issues within the cluster.

This Week in HPC: Supercomputing and the National Climate Assessment & Over a Petaflop Down Under


In this episode of This Week in HPC, Michael Feldman and Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research discuss the supercomputing behind the Third National Climate Assessment for the United States, which was released this week by Obama Administration. After the break, they look at iVEC’s Petaflop upgrade that will result in the fastest supercomputer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Why Implement Virtual Machines in HPC?

Kevin Wohlever

Over at the OH Tech Blog, Kevin Wohlever writes that financial savings derived from virtualization come by way of improved processes, enhanced services, and increased staff productivity. Basically, if the systems staff is focused on providing more and better services instead of always fixing problems with existing services, the productivity will improve overall.

Penguin Computing Rolls Out Icebreaker HPC Storage


This week Penguin Computing announced their new ICEBREAKER HPC family of scalable, high performance file-system solutions based on EMC VNX and EMC Isilon storage.

Immersion Cooling Steps Up for HPC Clusters

Robert Roe

“The race is hotting up for immersive cooling in HPC, with two major announcements concerning submerged HPC clusters. A consortium of Austrian research organizations has ordered a high performance cluster from ClusterVision, that will use Green Revolution’s mineral oil submerged cooling solution. At the same time, 3M announced a “proof of concept” submerged HPC cluster, in collaboration with Intel and SGI, that uses two-phase immersion cooling technology.”

SC14 Seeks Young Blood with HPC Interconnections Program


SC14 is now accepting applications for their Interconnections program, which provides a welcoming entryway for attendees who may be new to the community or the conference.

Five Essential Strategies for Successful HPC Clusters

HPC Clusters Sm

Currently, there are many trends in HPC clustering that include software complexity, cluster growth and scalability, system heterogeneity, Cloud computing, as well as the introduction of Hadoop services. Without a cogent strategy to address these issues, system managers and administrators can expect less-than-ideal performance and utilization. There are many component tools and best practices to be found throughout the industry. To help our audience build and manage successful HPC Clusters the editors of insideHPC have created this article series called “the Five Essential Strategies for Successful HPC Clusters.”

HPC User Forum Returns to Japan July 16

HPC User Forum

IDC has published the agenda for their next HPC User Forum. The event will take place July 16 at RIKEN in Kobe, the site of Japan’s famous K Computer.