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CoolIT Takes Liquid-Cooled HPC to the Next Level at ISC'13

In this video from ISC’13, Geoff Lyons from CoolIT Systems decribes the company’s liquid cooling technology for the enterprise and HPC. Known for its innovative spirit and expertise, CoolIT Systems also provides flexible customization services to its customers, establishing a close relationship and making it easy to achieve the many benefits of liquid cooling, including […]

New Portland HPC Startup is ARMed and Dangerous

In a 2009 interview with insideHPC, data scientist Thomas Thurston talked about research he had done predicting ARM CPUs were on a path to disrupt X86 in HPC. This was the first time most of us had considered the idea of cell phone CPUs someday being relevant for HPC and, frankly, it caused a bit […]

How Virtualization is Key to Unlocking Cloud HPC

In this video from ISC’13, Josh Simons from VMware discusses why the high performance computing community is starting to leverage virtualization technologies for Cloud HPC. Virtualization should not be viewed simply as a tax one pays to move into a cloud environment, but rather as an approach that can enable new capabilities that are either […]

Video Gallery: HPC Advisory Council European Workshop 2013

Video Gallery: HPC Advisory Council European Workshop 2013   Qlustar: A full-fledged HPC/Storage Cluster OS, Roland Fehrenbacher from Q-Leap Networks. Video Accelerating Gene Center Munich Research with the AMD Seamicro 150000, Andreas Hauser, Gene Center Munich. Slides and Video MVAPICH2 and GPUDirect RDMA (Hari Subramoni and Sreeram Potluri, Ohio State University) Slides and Video RADIOSS Structural Analysis Solver Application Performance […]

Job of the Week: HPC Middleware Engineer at Shell in the Netherlands

Shell in the Netherlands is seeking an HPC Middleware Engineer in our Job of the Week. The HPC department in Shell provides HPC infrastructure services globally to Shell, with the bulk of our staff being based in Houston, USA and Rijswijk, Netherlands. We are part of a wider IT group that focuses on Technical and […]

Adaptive Computing to Manage HPC Workloads at Baden-Württemberg

This week at ISC’13, Adaptive Computing announced that the Baden-Württemberg High Performance Computing Competence Centers (bwHPC) will use the company’s Moab software to manage supercomputing workloads in its distributed supercomputing system. The system will have an estimated 6,500 processors socket in five clusters upon completion. Moab will help this undertaking realize its full potential,” said […]

Podcast: Radio Free HPC Interviews Jack Dongarra on the New TOP500

In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team discusses the June 2013 TOP500 list with Jack Dongarra from the University of Tennessee. How did the Chinese manage to trump the world once again with the #1 supercomputer on the planet? Listen in to find out. Download the MP3 * Subscribe on iTunes * RSS Feed

nCore HPC Rolls Out BrownDwarf ARM DSP Supercomputer

We don’t get the chance to announce new players in the HPC space very often, especially from our hometown of Portland. Today newcomers nCore HPC announced the BrownDwarf Y-class supercomputer, a heterogeneous ARM- and DSP-based system designed for green high performance computing. With its unique parallel computing architecture and a high performance, low latency interconnect, […]

C-DAC Initiatives in HPC for Scientific & Engineering Research

In this video from the HPC Advisory Council European Conference 2013, Abishek Das from C-DAC presents: C-DAC Initiatives in HPC for Scientific & Engineering Research. Exploitation of parallel processing technologies for Scientific & Engineering Research will accelerate research of applications in various engineering disciplines that employ HPC techniques and facilitates research about HPC technologies contributing […]

Gordon Supercomputer Fosters New Fields of Research for HPC

With over 300 TB of high performance Intel flash memory SSD, the Gordon supercomputer at SDSC is opening the door to new areas of research for HPC such as political science, mathematical anthropology, finance, and even the cinematic arts. Gordon’s extraordinary speed makes it possible for researchers to tackle questions they couldn’t address before, simply […]