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Intel Cluster Studio XE Demo at SC12

In this video from SC12, Gergana Slavova demonstrates the Intel Cluster Studio XE, an integrated tool suite for HPC application development.

Netlist Demonstrates Superiority of HyperCloud Memory at SC12

Memory speed is often cited as a bottleneck in modern HPC systems. At SC12, Netlist demonstrated a comprehensive performance benchmark of its HyperCloud (HCDIMM) that showed a 39% greater server throughput compared to an identical system equipped with LRDIMMs. As companies today increasingly process and capitalize on big data, there’s an increasing need for more […]

Adaptive Computing Enhances Moab HPC Suite with Version 7.2 at SC12

In this video from SC12, Brady Kimball from Adaptive Computing describes enhancements to the Moab Compute Manager 7.2 suite including: Support for Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors Dual Domain Scheduling for Cray systems Streamlined RPM experience Allocation Updates Enhanced Viewpoint GUI for HPC Read the Full Story.

Asetek Reinvents the Datacenter with Innovative Hot Water Cooling at SC12

In this video from SC12, Asetek founder & CEO André Eriksen describes the company’s innovated hot water cooling technologies for HPC and Cloud computing. ISAC is revolutionary, completely eliminating the need for CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) in the data center. All air inside the server stays inside the server and recirculates rather than exiting […]

Cycle Computing Spins up HPC in the Cloud in Just Minutes at SC12

In this video from SC12, Jason Stowe from Cycle Computing describes how the company helps customers maximize the utilization of existing supercomputing infrastructure and bridge the gap between traditional data centers and on-demand utility supercomputing. This really is the democratization of large-scale computing,” Stowe says. “Now, even someone with a modest research grant can work […]

Video: Intel Parallel Studio XE Demo at SC12

In this video from SC12, Steve Lionel from Intel demonstrates the Intel Parallel Studio XE, a performance-oriented developer tool that includes Intel C++ and Fortran compilers, and threading, math, multimedia and signal processing performance libraries. Available for Linux and Windows, the studio suite eases application development for Xeon CPUs and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors.

Interview: Josh Simons on HPC Cloud Trends at SC12

In this video from SC12, Josh Simons from the VMware CTO office describes recent trends in Cloud Computing for HPC. The company is looking at how virtualization technologies could benefit supercomputing on the road to Exascale. My message to attendees was that today’s cloud is not tomorrow’s cloud: As virtualized performance continues to advance and […]

Altair Speeds RADIOSS at SC12 Using Intel Xeon Phi

In this video from SC12, James Reinders and Paresh Pattani from Intel discuss how the new Intel Xeon Phi is already powering engineering applications like RADIOSS. Altair was able to port both the explicit and implicit versions of the RADIOSS code in short order.

Video: Nirvana Large-scale Data Federation Technologies at SC12

In this video, Reid Bingham from Nirvana describes the company’s large-scale data federation technologies. Nirvana commercializes data grid technology originally developed at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), which was founded and operated by General Atomics. Nirvana is located in San Diego, California, and provides advanced data solutions to government, research and industry customers in […]

Video: Spectra Logic Tape Storage Technologies Taking off at SC12

In this video from SC12, Molly Rector from Spectra Logic describes the latest advancements in the company’s tape-based storage technologies. Along the way, she debunks the myth that Amazon’s AWS Glacier offering will be the death of tape.