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Enriching Future Food Supplies with TACC Supercomputing Know-how

Over at the Texas Advanced Computing Center, writes that researchers from Iowa State University are using TACC supercomputing resources to better understand bovine DNA. Harnessing information from DNA sequences in buffalo and cattle is an important step in meeting the growing world’s demand for food. As the world’s population approaches nine billion people in 2050, […]

Video: Experiences from the Deployment of TACC's Stampede System

In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference, Karl Schulz from the Texas Advanced Computing Center presents: Experiences from the Deployment of TACC’s Stampede System. Stampede is one of the largest computing systems in the world for open science research. Stampede system components are connected via a fat-tree, FDR InfiniBand interconnect. One hundred and sixty compute […]

TACC Supercomputers Help Researchers Design Useful Organisms

Can scientists enlist bacteria to help save the planet? University of Texas professor Jeffrey Barrick is using TACC supercomputers to understand radical mutations and design artificial organisms. As described in the September 2012 issue of Nature, Barrick’s research studied the rapid evolution of E. coli to trace key changes that lead to an evolutionary innovation. […]

TACC Features 10 Great Minds from HPC User Space

In the supercomputing world, we often think of things in tens. Over at TACC, Aaron Dubrow has posted a series of interviews with ten of the top HPC minds in Texas. With a focus what on what terascale, petascale, and exascale means to them and their field, the interviews cover a broad base of application […]

Video: TACC's Dr. Kelly Gaither Testifies at House Subcommittee on Research

There is no doubt that the Sequester is putting extreme pressure on critical R&D in this country. As members of the HPC community, how can we help to ensure that we continue to fund important supercomputing research? In this video from February 15, 2013, the House Subcommittee on Research holds a hearing on Applications for […]

Video: InfiniBand at TACC: From Terascale to Petascale

In this video from the Mellanox booth at SC12, Tommy Minyard from the Texas Advanced Computing Center presents: InfiniBand at TACC: From Terascale to Petascale.

TACC Powers Research Towards Opioids without Side Effects

Over at the Texas Advanced Computing Center, Paromita Pain writes that researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine are using TACC supercomputers to better understand membrane proteins, which play a major role in determining whether medications are efficient and whether they have side effects. According to Dr. Marta Filizola, understanding how opioid receptors work […]

Visualization Software from TACC Empowers Humanities Researchers

TACC has released Most Pixels Ever: Cluster Edition, an open source software tool that allows researchers, especially those in the humanities, to create interactive, multimedia visualizations on high resolution, tiled displays. The goal is to make visualization tools easier for humanities researchers to use,” said Rob Turknett, digital media, arts and humanities coordinator at TACC. […]

Video: Intel Xeon Phi Powers #7 TACC Stampede Super

In this video from SC12, Lars Koesterke from the Texas Advanced Computing Center describes how hundreds of science applications are being ported to the the new Stampede supercomputer powered by the Intel Xeon Phi.

TACC Supercomputer Enables New Discoveries for Producing Biofuels

Could grass clippings be used to produce fuel for our cars and furnaces? TACC supercomputing resources have helped enable new science at the University of Virginia around biofuel reactions. Using density functional theory, a quantum mechanical modeling method used in physics and chemistry to investigate the electronic structure of molecules, the researchers calculated the interactions […]