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Rob Farber Tutorial on Atomic Operations and Low-Wait Algorithms in CUDA

When used correctly, atomic operations can help implement a wide range of generic data structures and algorithms in the massively threaded GPU programming environment.

Video: Eagle Simulations Show Temperature of Cosmic Gas

This video shows a volume rendering of a test simulation for the Eagle project. The intensity corresponds to the density of cosmic gas, whilst color encodes its temperature. Red roughly corresponds to 100,000 degrees Kelvin (considered ‘warm’ by astronomers), whilst white corresponds to 10-100 million degrees Kelvin. The core aim of the EAGLE project is […]

Up Front Molecular Dynamics Research Speeds through Titan’s New GPUs

Over at OLCF, Katie Elyce Jones writes that Oak Ridge’s move to a hybrid architecture with the Titan supercomputer required years of code planning that is now paying off with new levels of application performance. Porting the same models and algorithms meant for CPUs to a GPU will not get as good of gains as […]

Powering Metagenomic Research with TACC Supercomputers

Over at TACC, Aaron Dubrow writes that while microbes play a critical role in our environment, but much about them remains unknown. Powered by TACC supercomputers, the science of metagenomics makes it possible to investigate microbes in their natural environments and in the complex communities in which they normally live. Functional characterization of Indian Ocean […]

Accelerating Gene Center Munich Research with the AMD Seamicro 150000

In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Europe Conference, Andreas Hauser from the Gene Center Munich presents: Accelerating Gene Center Munich Research with the AMD Seamicro 150000 System. Check out more presentations at our HPC Advisory Council Europe Conference Video Gallery.

Micron Looks Ahead to Hybrid Memory Cube at ISC'13

In this video from ISC’13, Dean Klein from Micron describes the advantages of the company’s pending Hybrid Memory Cube technology and current SSD offerings for the HPC market. You can check out more of our exclusive coverage from the show at our ISC’13 Video Gallery.

Dell Partners with Bright Computing for Genomic Analysis

This week Bright Computing announced it is providing cluster and workload management for Dell’s Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences solution, a pre-integrated, HPC platform optimized for the analysis of genomic sequences. The combined solution enables customers to store, manage, and analyze growing genomic data sets, without having to worry about complex infrastructure management. Dell […]

Japan's National Astronomical Observatory Deploys 500 Teraflop Cray XC30

Today Cray announced that the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) has put one of the world’s fastest supercomputers solely dedicated to astronomy into production. The new Cray XC30 supercomputer runs complex simulations — experiments that they hope will one day answer longstanding questions, such as the formation of galaxies and the origin of the […]

Video: Dr. Michio Kaku on the Importance of Supercomputing for Scientific Discovery

In this video, famed physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku discusses the impact of high performance computing on scientific discovery as part of the SC Conference Video Series.

Video: IBM-DOME Microserver Demonstrator

While we may not get to Exascale by 2020, ground-breaking compute technologies for the SKA telescope are already under development (without involvement of the U.S. Government, by the way). In this video from the 2013 HPC User Forum, Ronald P. Luijten from IBM Research presents: The IBM-DOME Microserver Demonstrator. The computational and storage demands for […]