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The Future of Micron Memory and Storage?


Over at InfoStor, Henry Newman from Instrumental writes that a new slide deck from Micron provides and intriguing look at the future of memory technology. “So what does this all mean for our future in the data storage industry? I think Micron and likely other companies are going to making some major changes from 2015 to the end of the decade in the area of non-volatile memory as the market demands changes for mobile devices that need both low power usage and non-volatile memory.”

Slidecast: COSMIC Middleware for Xeon Phi Servers and Clusters


“Now in Beta, COSMIC is NEC’s system software that enables seamless Xeon Phi coprocessor sharing. It is completely transparent to applications and all other system software components. COSMIC is useful in organizations where several users share one or more Xeon Phi-based servers, and it can thus reduce capital cost by efficiently utilizing fewer servers.”

Georgia Tech to Deploy TARDIS Supercomputer for Genomics


“The new server will enable the processing of 20 exomes per hour, “a 60-fold increase in speed,” said Michael Zwick, an associate professor of human genetics and scientific director of the Emory Integrated Genomics Core.

Supermicro Amps Up TwinPro Servers with FDR InfiniBand

“Supermicro’s new 2U TwinPro and TwinPro² maximize performance and power savings by integrating the fastest storage and network technologies available into a resource-optimized, energy efficient 2U Twin architecture.”

Micron Rolls Out Hybrid Memory Cube


In this video from SC13, Micron rolls out their Hybrid Memory Cube technology.

Managing Genomics Data with DDN at the Sanger Institute


“We have to explore emerging technologies that could play a significant role in our future architecture,” said Tim Cutts. “We need solutions that give us a much better way to provide storage to our expanding user community with good access controls through iRODS.”

How Michael Waltrip Racing Speeds Past the NASCAR Competition with AMD


In this video from SC13, Donour Sizemore from Michael Waltrip Racing describes how his team uses AMD processors to CFD analysis of new NASCAR vehicle designs. According to Sizemore, even minute changes in the design of the vehicle can make the difference in their race to victory.

Micron Announces Automata Parallel Processing Architecture

Last week at SC13, Micron Technology announced a new computing architecture capable of performing high-speed, big data processing.

ARMed Up – Boston Limited Unveils Latest Viridis Microserver

This week Boston Limited unveiled the latest addition to its innovative Viridis Microserver range, powered by ARM Cortex A15 quad-core processor.

Supermicro Debuts 4U 8x GPU SuperServer with K40 GPU at SC13

This week at SC13, SuperMicro is showcasing its latest HPC solutions powered by the Nvidia Tesla K40 GPU accelerator.