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Ember Supercomputer Gets Second Life Aiding Genomics

NCSA has gifted the Institute for Genomic Biology a highly parallel, shared memory supercomputer. Named Ember, the SGI system has become part of the IGB biocluster, adding 1536 cores and eight terabytes of memory spread across four nodes. We’ve been using Ember for a while now through the NCSA, mainly in computational genomics,” said Victor […]

GPU Technology Conference Keynotes to Feature Pioneering Genomics Researcher and Chrysler Product-Design Visionary

Today Nvidia announced its lineup of world-class keynote speakers for the fourth-annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC), which will be held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, Calif., March 18-21. Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia’s CEO and co-founder will discuss the profound and growing impact of GPU technology in gaming, science, industry, media and entertainment, design […]

Michael Wolfe on PGI's All-new, Gnu-compatible C++ Compiler

In this video, Michael Wolfe from The Portland Group describes PGI’s new release with support for C++. Their all-new gnu-compatible C++ compiler includes the full suite of PGI optimizations plus support for CUDA-x86, OpenMP and OpenACC. The new EDG 4.5 front-end also supports many C++11 language features. Wolfe also hints at a ground-breaking PGI demo […]

Slidecast: MicroPod HPC – Your Personal Parallel Computer

In this slidecast, Josh Judd from Warp Mechanics describes MicroPod HPC initiative. Currently a Kickstarter project, MicroPod HPC will enable users to “stand up” a parallel computer using inexpensive commodity hardware, or even use the images as VMs to run a completely virtual development environment. The MicroPod HPC is a parallel computer that you can […]

MicroPod Kickstarter Campaign Aims to Bring Parallel Computing to the People

A new Kickstarter project is looking to build a parallel computer that you can afford to use at home. With the MicroPod, you will be able to “stand up” a parallel computer using inexpensive commodity hardware, or even use the images as VMs to run a completely virtual development environment. Completing this project will dramatically […]

HPC People on the Move: Michael Feldman and John Kirkley Leave Tabor Communications

It’s me again–Dr. Lewey Anton. I’ve been commissioned by insideHPC to track HPC People on the Move. It has been a while since I’ve posted, but there are some interesting developments today. Michael Feldman, long-time editor of HPCWire has joined Intersect360 Research as a Senior Analyst. Having worked closely with Michael for the past six […]

Video: Dynamic Disk Pools Rebuild 8x Faster than RAID

In this video, Mark Henderson and Mike Pehlan from NetApp demonstrate how Dynamic Disk Pools enable performance, efficiency, and scalability. Watch as they cause a double-drive failure on two separate storage systems and then compare the RAID-6 system with a three-day rebuild to a system with Dynamic Disk Pools that can rebuild in around 18 […]

Video: HPC Driving New Discoveries in Fluid Dynamics

In this video, Falk Herwig, Associate Professor, Astronomy and Physics at the University of Victoria presents: HPC Driving New Discoveries in Fluid Dynamics.

Supermicro Debuts High Frequency Trading Systems

Over at Datacenter Knowledge, John Rath writes that Supermicro launched new 2U and 4U/Tower platforms that maximize processing power and precisely tune hardware and firmware to provide lower latency than previous models, while still maintaining high reliability. The company debuted the systems at the High Frequency Trading World event this week in New York. Advanced […]

Video: Dell Powers Genomics Research Computing at SC12

In this video, Glen Otero from Dell discusses his Birds of Feather session on Personalized Medicine at SC12. The company is working with researchers to enable faster, more cost-effective genome sequencing to enable better healthcare for us all.