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Ansys Simulation Powers Four of Top Six F1 Racing Teams

Ansys simulation software was used by the four out of the top six F1 racing teams in the 2013 season; in particular the software was used by Infiniti Red Bull Racing which won its fourth consecutive constructor’s championship. Ansys simulation software, particularly its solutions for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and high performance computing (HPC), are […]

Simulations Show how Snakes Can Fly


GPU-accelerated computers are helping researchers unlock the mystery of flying snakes. Whether to escape a predator, find food or just get from place to place, from a height of 10 meters, the snakes can glide as far as 21 meters, or close to 70 feet.

Ferrari Boosts GT Endurance with Ansys

Ansys is being used to boost the endurance of Ferrari’s GT race cars.