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How New Features in CUDA 6 Make GPU Acceleration Easier


Mark Harris from Nvidia presents this talk from SC13. “The performance and efficiency of CUDA, combined with a thriving ecosystem of programming languages, libraries, tools, training, and services, have helped make GPU computing a leading HPC technology. Learn how powerful new features in CUDA 6 make GPU computing easier than ever, helping you accelerate more of your application with much less code.”

CUDA 6 Release Simplifies Parallel Programming With Unified Memory, Drop-In Libraries

Today Nvidia announced CUDA 6, the latest version of the company’s parallel computing platform designed to make parallel programming easier than ever.

Allinea DDT Announces Support for NVIDIA CUDA 5.5 and CUDA on ARM

Today Allinea Software announced support for version 5.5 of the NVIDIA CUDA parallel programming toolkit. The new release includes debugging support for C++11, GNU 4.8 compilers, and ARMv7 architectures, which will soon power hybrid platforms with lower energy consumption for HPC.