Video: Industrial Supercomputing, Why Do We Care?

Merle Giles

“NCSA has worked with more than one-third of the Fortune50, in sectors including manufacturing, oil and gas, finance, retail/wholesale, bio/medical, life sciences, astronomy, agriculture, technology, and more. NCSA’s Private Sector Program currently boasts 26 partners. PSP’s core mission is to help its partner community gain a competitive edge through expert use of modern, high-performance digital and human resources.”

Boosting Electric Car Batteries with Simulation


“Over the past two and half years, the team worked on a DOE-funded project, Computer-Aided Engineering for Electric Drive Vehicle Batteries (CAEBAT), to combine new and existing battery models into engineering simulation software to shorten design cycles and optimize batteries for increased performance, safety and lifespan. In order to achieve these goals the team has been modeling thermal management, electrochemistry, ion transport and fluid flow.”

DoE Awards AltaSim Funds to Develop Additive Manufacturing


The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded AltaSim Technologies nearly $150,000 to further develop the technologies that drive additive manufacturing – adding momentum to a public-private initiative based in Ohio to boost industrial use of modeling and simulation.

Tower International Using Altair’s Compute Manager to Streamline Compute Access


Today Altair announced that automotive manufacturer Tower International is using Compute Manager software to simplify and streamline access to distributed resources.

HPC Centers Propel Industry Forward with CAE Simulation

Greg Clifford

HPC Centers play a critical role in providing resources and expertise to improve the effectiveness of CAE simulation for manufacturing companies. “The HPC team at NCSA is able to leverage the compute power of Blue Waters, ISV relationships and the industrial partnerships to enable new levels of performance in CAE simulation (again, it’s a team effort).”

Seac02 Brings Augmented Reality to Altair Alliance


Seac02, the developer of the real-time rendering and augmented reality software LinceoVR, has joined the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). As the APA’s first rendering tool, LinceoVR expands the program’s simulation offering.

High Performance Computing Innovation Center at LLNL


Fred Streitz from Lawrence Livermore National Lab presented this talk at the Stanford HPC Conference. “The HPC Innovation Center bridges American industry’s growing need for advanced solution to complex challenges in research and development with LLNL’s forefront supercomputing and disruptive scientific capabilities.”

BMW Optimizes Engine Cooling with ModeFrontier

The Diesel Engine Development Department at BMW used Esteco’s ModeFrontier software to optimise the transient cooling system of one of its six-cylinder, 225kW diesel engines and to support the validation steps for the newly updated thermal model. ModeFrontier helped the BMW team create a reliable transient cooling system model, compliant with new testing guidelines. The […]

Ansys to Acquire Reaction Design

Ansys has announced plans to acquire Reaction Design, which develops chemistry simulation software.

HPC Wales Recognized for Open Data Excellence

HPC Wales was recognized for Open Data excellence at the recent Next Generation Digital Challenge Awards ceremony in Wembley. HPC Wales continues to be one of the most successful organizations out there for bringing high performance computing to the Missing Middle.