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Flying Snakes on GPUs


“It would be hard to put a flying snake in a wind tunnel. So we are trying to put them in GPUs instead—via computational fluid dynamics. Our initial success is to see that a flying snake’s cross-section can in fact create quite some lift: it even has a favorite angle of attack for which it gives extra lift. We don’t know if this is the secret of flying snakes, but we do know that looking at nature can teach engineers some new tricks.”

Slidecast: Hybrid Cloud for Increased Scientific Agility


In this slidecast, Matt Herreras and Josh Simons from VMware describe how Hybrid Cloud powered by virtualization offers increased scientific agility for HPC workloads. Make no mistake; virtualization is coming to HPC in a Big Way, and everyone will benefit.

Podcast: What the Nvidia Tegra K1 Means for the Future of HPC


In this podcast, analyst and author Rob Farber looks at Nvidia’s launch of Tegra K1 processor. Designed for high-resolution mobile devices, the K1 features the same high-performance Kepler-based GPU that drives the world’s most powerful supercomputers.