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Building the knoSYS 100 Genome Supercomputer


Over at Bio-IT World, Michael Fein from Silicon Mechanics describes how his company worked with Knome to design and build the first-of-its-kind knoSYS 100 Genome Supercomputer.

Beagle Supercomputer is a Genome Smasher


The Beagle Supercomputer at the University of Chicago can analyze 240 whole genomes in two days.

AWS Powers Largest Genomics Analysis Cluster in the World


Working with DNAnexus and Amazon Web Services, we were able to rapidly deploy a cloud-based solution that allows us to scale up our support to researchers at the HGSC, and make our Mercury pipeline analysis data accessible to the CHARGE Consortium, enabling what will be the largest genomic analysis project to have ever taken place in the cloud.