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Streamlining Computing Infrastructure: A Small School’s Experience


How does a university go from islands of cluster computing chaos to an efficiently run central HPC resource? In this video from the 2014 HPCAC Stanford HPC & Exascale Conference, Gowtham from Michigan Technological University tells us his story.

HPC Trends for 2014


Based on the latest survey data, Addison Snell discusses the top trends that emerged in 2013, with a look ahead to how the market will continue to evolve in the year ahead. Topics include HPC in the Cloud, Big Data, evolutions in processor architectures, and the race to Exascale.

Mellanox Scalable Solutions for HPC


In this video from the 2014 HPCAC Stanford HPC & Exascale Conference, Scot Schultz from Mellanox presents: Scalable Solutions for HPC.

A System View of Productive Exascale Systems


Barry Bolding from Cray presented this talk at the 2014 HPCAC Stanford HPC & Exascale Conference. “Productive Exascale is not simply about achieving a set of technologies and performance metrics, it is about providing systems that fit into the production scientific workflow environments that will exist at the end of this decade.”

Challenges of Exascale Systems from an Applications Perspective


Intel’s Mark Seager presented this talk at 2014 HPC Advisory Council Stanford Conference. “In this talk, we will review the many challenges of building practical Exascale systems by the end of the decade and Extreme scale systems in the 2020s. Some of these challenges, such as extreme levels of parallelism, have direct impact on applications, while others, such as new data paradigms, offer real breakthrough application and scientific opportunities.”

HPCAC Looks Ahead to Stanford Workshop and ISC’14 Student Cluster Competition


In this video, Gilad Shainer from the HPC Advisory Council reviews the organization’s past year of community building efforts. He also discloses plans for the third annual ISC’14 Student Cluster Competition, which takes place in Leipzig in June 2014.