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HPC People on the Move: Steve Scott Returns to Cray as CTO

Steve Scott

Dr. Lewey reports that Steve Scott is returning to the Cray CTO office. As you may recall, Scott left Cray in 2011 to join Nvidia as CTO of their Tesla Business Unit. He later went on to become a principle engineer at Google in 2013. Scott replaces outgoing Cray CTO William C. Blake, who left the company at the end of July.

Jay Boisseau Moves to Lead Vizias Startup

Jay Boisseau, CEO of Vizias

Jay Boisseau, the former Director of the Texas Advanced Computing Center, is now CEO at a stealthy startup called Vizias. As you’ll recall, Boisseau left TACC in January. While the Vizias web site is just a placeholder at the moment, we were able to discover some details about the company from their Facebook page.

HPC People on the Move: July Edition

From left to right: Deb Agarwal, Wes Bethel, Peter Nugent, James Sethian and Daniela Ushizima.

Dr. Lewey Anton reports on who’s jumping ship and moving on up in high performance computing.

Cray’s CTO and YarcData Lead Leaving the Company


Seeking Alpha reports on some big changes for the Cray executive team with two departures in the same week. CTO William C. Blake and YarcData’s Arvind Parthasarathi are both leaving for Startups.

HPC People on the Move: Mike Bernhardt Returns to Intel

Mike Bernhardt

Here is the latest rundown on who’s jumping ship and moving on up in high performance computing. The badges may change, but the faces remain the same.

HPC People on Move – A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On

Dr. Lewey Anton

I’ve been commissioned by insideHPC to track who’s moving on up in high performance computing and the activity has been red hot in the last couple of weeks.

John Gustafson Moves to Ceranovo as CTO

John Gustafson

John GustafsonJohn Gustafson has joined CeraNova as Chief Technology Officer. Most recently at AMD as Chief Product Architect, Gustafson is widely known for his work in High Performance Computing such as the invention of Gustafson’s Law.

HPC People on the Move – September Edition

Dr. Lewey Anton

Lewey Anton tracks who’s moving on up in high performance computing. Here are the latest developments for September, 2013.