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ScaleMP Teams with Boston Ltd for Largest-Memory Opteron System


As an integrated solution, the Boston xScaler-vSMP products deliver up to 8.5 TB RAM – the largest memory footprint available for an AMD Opteron system.

SR-IOV: The Key to Fully Virtualized HPC Clusters


In this video from the Mellanox booth at SC13, Glenn Lockwood from SDSC presents: SR-IOV The Key Enabling Technology for Fully Virtualized HPC Clusters.

Virtualized InfiniBand: Enabling HPC in the Cloud


In this video from the Mellanox booth at SC13, Hoot Thompson from the NASA Center for Climate Simulation presents: Virtualized InfiniBand: Enabling HPC in the Cloud.

Panel Discussion: “And You Thought HPC Virtualization was never going to happen”


HPC clusters have become a cornerstone for many scientific fields including some we’d never expected, such as biology. Virtualization is essential to a vast new era of systems and has (with some hype) given birth to ‘The Cloud’. The two are not necessarily incompatible and work is being done to bring benefits that enterprise users of virtualization enjoy to the HPC arena. This panel will challenge old notions, update you on current activities and provoke a debate about what’s needed for the future.