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Video: Scalable HPC Communication Capabilities

In this video from the 2014 HPC Advisory Council Europe Conference, Rich Graham from Mellanox presents: Scalable HPC Communication Capabilities.

Interview: Mellanox Announces World’s First 100Gb/s EDR InfiniBand Switch


In this video from ISC’14, Gilad Shainer from Mellanox provides a technology update. This week the company announced the World’s First 100Gb/s EDR InfiniBand Switch as well as the HPC-X Scalable Software Toolkit.

Mellanox Demonstrates World’s First 100Gb/s EDR InfiniBand Switch


Today Mellanox announced Switch-IB, the next generation of its InfiniBand switch and the first-ever switch IC capable of 100Gb/s per port speeds.

MVAPICH2 and MVAPICH2-X Projects: Latest Developments and Future Plans

DK Panda

“This talk will focus on latest developments and future plans for the MVAPICH2 and MVAPICH2-X projects. For the MVAPICH2 project, we will focus on scalable and highly-optimized designs for pt-to-pt communication (two-sided and one-sided MPI-3 RMA), collective communication (blocking and MPI-3 non-blocking), support for GPGPUs and Intel MIC, support for MPI-T interface and schemes for fault-tolerance/fault-resilience. For the MVAPICH2-X project, will focus on efficient support for hybrid MPI and PGAS (UPC and OpenSHMEM) programming model with unified runtime.”

Video: Symmetry Insights for Supercomputer Network Topologies


In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Brazil Conference, Alexandre Ramos from the University of São Paulo, Brazil presents: Symmetry Insights for Supercomputer Network Topologies: Roots and Weights Lattices.

Understanding Data Centers by Overlaying Multiple Information Layers


“Today’s data center managers are burdened by a lack of aligned information of multiple layers. Work-flow events like ‘job starts’ aligned with performance metrics and events extracted from log facilities are low-hanging fruit that is on the edge to become use-able due to open-source software like Graphite, StatsD, logstash and alike. This talk aims to show off the benefits of merging multiple layers of information within an InfiniBand cluster by using use-cases for level 1/2/3 personnel.”

Video: iWARP Update from OpenFabrics Workshop

Brian Hausauer

In this video from the OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop 2014, Brian Hausauer from Intel presents an iWARP Update. “The Internet Wide Area RDMA Protocol (iWARP) is a computer networking protocol for transferring data efficiently. It is sometimes referred to simply as “RDMA”, though RDMA is not a feature exclusive to iWARP.”

Video: MPI Requirements of the Network Layer


In this video from the OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop 2014, Nathan Hjelm from LANL presents: MPI Requirements of the Network Layer.

Best Practices Demonstrate Record Performance on LS-DYNA


Over at the Mellanox Blog, Scot Schultz writes that a new HPCAC Best Practices Paper shows record application performance for LS-DYNA Automotive Crash Simulation.

Thomas Sterling to Keynote OFA Developer Workshop

Thomas Sterling

Today the Open Fabrics Alliance announced that Thomas Sterling from Indiana University will keynote the 2014 OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop.