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Slidecast: MPI Requirements of the Network Layer


Jeff Squyres from Cisco describes the proposed successor to the Linux verbs API that is designed to better serve the needs of MPI. “It’s not libibverbs 2.0 — it’s a new API that aims to both expand the scope of what libibverbs did, and also to address many of its much-criticized shortcomings.”

A Gentle Introduction to MPI


PRACE has developed an extensive series of online HPC Tutorials. In this video, CSC provides a basic introduction to parallel programming concepts such as task/data parallelism and an introduction to parallel programming concepts such as parallel scaling and Amdahl’s law.

Torsten Hoefler on How the SC13 Best Paper Came Together


“In this work, we develop scalable bufferless protocols that implement the MPI-3.0 specification. Our protocols support scaling to millions of cores with negligible memory consumption while providing highest performance and minimal overheads.”

A New MPICH ABI Compatibility Initiative

As announced at SC13, the producers of several notable MPICH-derived MPI implementations have begun a collaboration with the explicit goal of maintaining ABI compatibility between their implementations. Without such compatibility between implementations,” said Kenneth Raffenetti, a software developer in Argonne’s Mathematics and Computer Science Division, “every new release would require application developers to rebuild and […]

Power Savings – the Quest for Green MPI


This presentation investigates whether power savings on the processor and system level can be obtained while an MPI rank is waiting (blocking) for incoming data.

Video: The Future of MPI


The MPI-3 standard introduces large enhancements to this standard, including nonblocking collective operations and enhanced RMA support.