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EPSRC to Fund £155 Million for Quantum Computing Research


The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has opened a £155 million fund for a national network of Quantum Technology Hubs that will exploit the properties of quantum physics to develop quantum technologies.

Interview: Solving Tech Problems with Quantum Computing


In this video, D-Wave CEO Vern Brownell discusses the company’s progress in quantum computing. “I hope the pendulum swings back the other way at some point, where it becomes more in vogue to do more of this science-based research, because it’s really important for us to transform science into technology.”

NASA’s Rupak Biswas Investigates the Weird World of Quantum Computing


In this special feature, John Kirkley talks with Dr. Biswas to learn more about NASA’s fledgling involvement in the weird world of quantum computing.

Carver Mead on the Need to Leap Ahead with Quantum Computing


Over at MIT Technology Review, Tom Simonite interviews Carver Mead, the computer scientist who came up with the term, “Moore’s Law” on the topic of quantum computing.

Quantum Memory Takes a Leap Forward

Over the BBC, James Morgan writes that researchers have overcome a key barrier to ultrafast computers with a key breakthrough that enabled fragile quantum memory state to be held stable at room temperature for a “world record” 39 minutes.

The Observer Effect – A Sci-Fi Original


Minute as its impact may be in our physical universe, the fact of quantum entanglement is this: If one logically inexplicable thing is known to exist, then this permits the existence of all logically inexplicable things.

A Look into the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab


We believe quantum computing may help solve some of the most challenging computer science problems, particularly in machine learning. Machine learning is all about building better models of the world to make more accurate predictions.

Quantum Computer at Nasa Ames in Limbo After Government Shutdown

D-Wave computer

The Government Shutdown has frozen research on Google’s new D-Wave quantum computer at Nasa Ames. “All the people from Nasa who are supposed to be testing the computer now are standing down and it’s just sitting there, wasting electricity,” says Lee Stone, the Ames union president who was one of the few people at Nasa who could speak to us during the shutdown.