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Scalable and Resilient MPI and GPUDirect RDMA


In this video from the Mellanox booth at SC13, DK Panda from Ohio State presents: High Performance Scalable and Fault Resilient MPI and GPUDirect RDMA. See more talks from the Mellanox Booth.

Torsten Hoefler on How the SC13 Best Paper Came Together


“In this work, we develop scalable bufferless protocols that implement the MPI-3.0 specification. Our protocols support scaling to millions of cores with negligible memory consumption while providing highest performance and minimal overheads.”

Results from the First-Ever Student RDMA Programming Competition

In this video trailer, the HPC Advisory Council announced the winners of the first-ever Student RDMA Programming Competition.

Mellanox RDMA Solution Enables 2X Faster Access to File Storage

Today Mellanox announced that their FDR InfiniBand-powered RDMA Solution Enables 2X Faster Access to File Storage.