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Ciena Demos Multi-national, Multi-layer SDN Test Bed at SC13


In this video from SC13, Mitchell Auster from Ciena describes the company’s collaboration with Research & Education institutions CANARIE, Internet2, and StarLight to build an SDN Testbed meant to spur SDN innovation efforts for the entire industry.

Software Defined Storage and Networking – A Look Ahead

Henry Newman

Henry Newman evaluates commodity hardware/software solutions that were once designed using ASICs for both storage and networking. He sees it working for software defined storage, but high-end networking will continue to develop its own ASICs, given that commodity hardware will not be able to meet the needs for performance and latency required in large core switches.

Technologies Changing Real-Time Deployments on Wall St.


For real-time deployments like financial services, the most current advancement to come along in the last two decades is the revolution of non-volatile memory as a persistent memory tier. We are only scratching the surface of how this new memory tier can be used to build systems that outperform and outscale similar systems that were built in the last few years. This technology allows reinventing all kind of software from database to messaging systems.