What is HPC Answers?

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HPC Answers is dedicated to answering questions about high-performance computing. Topics range from technical issues to enterprise applications, from the latest hardware to the most fashionable software, from networks and storage to processors and memory. In short, any HPC-related topic is fair here.

Anyone may submit his own questions or answer existing ones. This site is intended to be a built by the community. This site is in blog format right now, but may move to a wiki format in the future if there is sufficient interest.

The reason for the Q & A format was so that some material could be used in an FAQ on different webpages. Indeed, all material on this site may be reproduced as long as the original authors are credited and are not held liable for any use of the information here.

HPC Answers was started by Christopher C. Aycock, an Oxford grad student currently on a visiting fellowship with the Australian National University. He can be reached via chris@hpcanswers.com.