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Archives for October 2006

How are FPGAs programmed?

As mentioned previously, the greatest hurdle to FPGA adoption is the developer’s perception of usability. Usually a computer engineer must design the hardware via a description language such as Verilog or VHDL. This process involves defining the transfer of data between registers, which is a distinct departure in the practices most software engineers use. A […]

Are GPUs the next wave in HPC?

AMD’s recent purchase of ATI was accompanied by an announcement that AMD will introduce “Fusion,” a combination CPU and GPU intended for general-purpose computing. This is on the heals of the work from PeakStream and RapidMind in the arena of stream programming, which attempts make software development on GPUs easier for non-graphics applications. It certainly […]

What is Marlet?

When computing with really large data sets, such as in the earth or life sciences, it is usually easier to pass the function rather than the data. Marlet is a work-flow language for distributed data analysis; it is based on the principles of functional programming and allows the user to operate while abstracting the underlying […]