GRAPE-DR: 2 PFLOPS by next year

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via PrimeurMonthly

Alchip Technologies along with the University of Tokyo and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) moved closer to full production of its custom SING processor last month. Each chip features 512 CPUs and 90nm technology.

From PrimeurMonthly:

The GRAPE series are the world’s fastest supercomputers and six-time winner of the Gordon Bell Prize, an important recognition of outstanding achievement in high-performance computing. Its practical computation has yielded remarkable simulation results used worldwide for scientific research in exploring the planet and galaxy. GRAPE-DR is designed to compute over 31 times faster than its predecessor GRAPE-6 (64 trillion computations per second) and to cover general computing.

2 PFLOPS by next year is well ahead of what the rest of us are doing. Exciting times.