INCITE Roundup: GM, GA, and Corning

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A quick summary of what the other 3 companies who received INCITE grants are doing with the time (previous coverage here and here). This information comes directly from the proposals, which are posted at INCITE’s web site.

GM will be using its relatively small grant of 166,000 hours to study what tools and resources the company would need to get answers fast enough to “significantly impact” General Motors’ Global Vehicle Development Process (GVDP). Among the areas to be studied are wind buffeting from an open sunroof and simulations of semi-trucks passing stationary vehicles with raised hoods.

General Atomics will use 1,000,000 XT3 hours and 500,000 X1E hours for simulations related to the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor.

An Corning is using 850,000 hours to study the rheology of dense suspensions, with applications to polymers and ceramics (for better baking dishes, I suppose) and for learning more about the properties of glass from the funamental physical equations.