INCITE Roundup: Procter & Gamble, Dreamworks

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More about what the companies who received INCITE grants are doing with the time.

Red Herring reports that Proctor & Gamble will use its 1.1 million Blue Gene hours to study bubbles.

“Understanding the molecular mechanisms of bubble formation, dynamics, and stability are… of interest for better fire control chemicals, chemicals for hazardous cleanup… as well as designing environmentally friendly consumer products,” the company said in its research proposal.

DreamWorks is studying real time ray tracing with its 900,000 XT3 hours.

DreamWorks, meanwhile, believes that pushing the limits of real-time ray-tracing—that is, the modeling of the path that light takes as it interacts with a surface, which is important in developing lenses for cameras, telescopes, and microscopes—will benefit more than just movie-making.

“In addition to affecting the way films are produced, the proposed real-time, high-fidelity ray-tracing techniques have applications in other fields requiring visualization of large complex datasets,” the animation company said in its proposal.