NSF on the impact of the CRA

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A couple days ago I reported on a New York Times article addressing the potential adverse impact of the continuing resolution on science and computing in the research community.

The Computing Research Association yesterday covered data released by the NSF detailing the impact of their effective $400M budget reduction:

Reductions in programs will include: International Polar Year, Petascale Supercomputer Acquisitions ($50 million for the Office of Cyber Infrastructure’s Petascale Computing system), Explosives and Related Threats, Science of Science and Innovation Policy, and Engineering Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation

Of course, a common tactic for agencies facing budget cuts is to pick the hot button issues and identify those as the ones that will be shut down with the idea that the public outcry will drive politicians to make the pain go away.

If that’s what they are doing, I hope it works.


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