Science agencies exempt from CR

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I’ve been following the Computing Research Association’s coverage of the impact of the government’s failure to pass a 2007 budget. Federal agencies other than DHS and DOD have been under a continuing resolution (a CR) this fiscal year. CR’s are a good thing in that they allow agencies to continue working without a budget, but they basically freeze budgets at last year’s level and don’t fund any of the new programs that were authorized.

As we covered earlier at least one big new supercomputing installation was going to be affected by this.

Last night the House and Senate agreed to exempt some of the federal science agencies. They won’t get their full FY07 increases, but they’ll get more than they got in FY06. Budget bumps are as follows: NSF, $335M; NIST, $50M; DOE Office of Science, $200M; NIH, $619.5M.

Detailed coverage by the CRA here.