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Archives for February 2007

QLogic iSCSI HBAs in the Linux Kernel

QLogic announced today that the first iSCSI HBA functionality has been accepted into the upstream Linux kernel: Developed by the Linux community, the upstream Linux kernel is the central core of popular Linux packages including Debian, Red Hat, SuSE, Slackware and Yellowdog. The company’s collaboration with the Linux community and the acceptance of the QLogic […]

Green Grid releases datacenter efficiency white papers

As promised earlier this week, the Green Grid is trying to kick things up a notch following the addition of M$oft and Intel to its ranks. It has released three whitepapers: The Green Grid Opportunity The Green Grid examines why it is so important to define and propagate the best energy efficiency practices in datacenter […]

IBM builds marketing to push HPC in the mid-range

IBM is talking today about a new concerted effort to drive HPC down into the mid-range by making it easier for non-traditional HPC users to deploy small(ish) clusters. I’m strongly in favor of anything that gets more people using HPC via the million monkeys theory(1). This is primarily a marketing push, addings SKUs of cluster […]

House marks up HPC bill today

The House Science and Technology Committee is meeting today (10 a.m. Eastern) to mark up (among others) the HPC R&D Act. This bill is the descendant of the High Performance Computing and Communications Act of 1991 which established the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development program. From the CRA’s excellent coverage: This version differs […]

SGI installs 9k core system in DOD

SGI has issued a press release today detailing a new system to be installed in one of the four Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Program’s major centers: Deployed at the Aeronautical Systems Center Major Shared Resource Center (ASC MSRC) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the new SGI® Altix® 4700 system packs 9,216 Intel® […]

IBM uses HPC to divine properties of hafnium

IBM announced today in a press release that they’re using a Blue Gene to understand why hafnium dioxide works so much better than other materials previously considered by the industry: For this study, the IBM team simulated various material compositions using 50 different models of hafnium silicates, materials that form when silicon and hafnium oxides […]

Intel pushes new IT investment as energy saver

In a move that’s probably timed to support Monday’s announcement that Intel and M$oft are joining The Green Grid consortium, Intel was talking last week about the environmental virtues of quickly replacing old servers. “A six year-old server takes up valuable resources that could be better used, so we have accelerated our refresh rate,” he […]

M$oft and Intel join the Green Grid

Ashlee Vance over at The Register reported on Friday that Microsoft and Intel are joining The Green Grid, an industry consortium focused on disseminating energy-friendly best practices in large datacenters. Green Grid officials aren’t talking on the record about these moves just yet, as they’ve sworn the press to secrecy until Monday’s announcement. But, we […]

A more in depth look at nVidia's CUDA SDK

Bryan O’Sullivan has a detailed look into the new SDK nVidia has announced that’s aimed at making programing the GPU in their graphics cards more accessible. How did they do? Bryan doesn’t think they’ve made it there—yet—but he does agree it’s a good first step: This technology is a long way from anything like true […]

Supercomputing's Super Storage Issues

Enterprise Storage Forum posted a short but interesting article on the Cray and IBM approaches to storage issues in the DARPA HPCS program earlier this month. If you’re in to that sort of thing and can spare a minute, it’s an interesting manager-level read.