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You might be interested in paying attention to the goings on at ISSCC (International Solid State Circuits) Conference in San Francisco next week. IBM, Intel, AMD, and Sun will all be showcasing their technology futures.

From coverage at The Register:

Intel, for example, will shed more detail on its futuristic 80-core chip capable of cranking through 1.28TFlops. The 275mm squared processor has “80 tiles arranged as a 10×8 2D array of floating-point cores and packet-switched routers, operating at 4GHz,” Intel writes in its summary of the presentation. “The 65nm 100m transistor die is designed to achieve a peak performance of 1.0TFlops at 1V while dissipating 98W.”

IBM will be preaching Power6, AMD will be briefing its quad core line, and Sun will be talking Rock and Niagara II.