Intel pushes new IT investment as energy saver

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In a move that’s probably timed to support Monday’s announcement that Intel and M$oft are joining The Green Grid consortium, Intel was talking last week about the environmental virtues of quickly replacing old servers.

“A six year-old server takes up valuable resources that could be better used, so we have accelerated our refresh rate,” he said. “Refreshing one data centre gave us three times the performance for only four per cent more space utilised.”

So, while I support the end goal that Intel is talking about with this story, I think it’s pretty transparently self-serving. And if it’s not, somebody in marketing is way off message.

To be fair, Intel is contributing in areas that don’t appear to have the apparent built in conflict of interest the “buy new stuff now” recommendation does:

As well as its applied research into more efficient data centres – it even has a design centre under construction in Israel that will use its data centre as the main source of heating for the building – Intel is also involved in developing benchmarks for measuring a server’s energy efficiency…