M$oft cluster prep tool

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If you’re into building Windows-based HPC clusters (something which I think is interesting from a user interface/usability point of view but probably hasn’t earned the hype) you might be interested in this post at TechNet:

We just released this tool known as the “ClusPrep”. The ClusPrep is a cluster validation tool that does a complete system inventory and runs focused tests on servers that are configured and ready for Microsoft Server Cluster installation (in other words, before the servers are a cluster).


  1. Michal Maryjanowski says


    This tool is solely for MSCS, which has nothing to do with Compute Cluster. Those are two different technologies which have 2 words in common: “cluster” and “windows”.


  2. Michal – thanks for clearing up that confusion. I have to admit I read the original post too quickly.