AMD's lament

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So, apparently it’s not just me (and some of my buds) who thinks that Intel’s marketing machine should get extra credit for distorting reality.

The Register on Saturday ran a story covering AMD’s realization that Intel’s marketing team ran all over them when they welded two chips together and called it a quad core:

Bruised by a resurgent Intel, AMD wishes it had tackled the four-core era with a different approach. The chipmaker stands behind the technical merits of pumping out a so-called native four-core chip with all four cores on the same piece of silicon.

It, however, admits that Intel gained a major marketing edge by melding a pair of dual-core processors with a multi-chip module (MCM) when it released the “Clovertown” version of Xeon last year.

…“If I could do something different, I wish we would have immediately done a MCM – two dual cores and call it a quad-core,” said Mario Rivas, an EVP at AMD, during a recent interview in Austin, “because, I guess, the market sucks it up.”

Did he just call us suckers?

Anyway, you might take a sec to read the whole thing. If you do you’ll learn the code name for their new 8 core chip (hint: it doesn’t rhyme with platypus).