SGI, Mitrionics recognized in BioIT World's top ten trends for 2007

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SGI and Mitrionics have been recognized for their-FPGA accelerated BLAST calculations in BioIT World’s top ten trends for 2007.

From SGI’s web site:

# 5 Top BioIT Trend for 2007 as described in the Dec/Jan 2007 Issue of BioIT World — Vol. 5, no. 10.

“Reconfigurable Accelerator Boards (FPGAs) — FPGA technology has been the “next big thing” in bioinformatics for awhile, and 2007 will be no exception. SGI is including an FPGA offering in their new product line, and companies like Mitrionics are providing a development environment, which will support expanded use. As the computational load required for genomics becomes more stable, specific common tools like BLAST will be moved to dedicated, special purpose hardware.”