Wall Street, HPC, and the power struggle

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This isn’t news since it was published two weeks ago, but it looks like an interesting read. Wall Street and Technology has an article on the struggles big finance is having as it ramps up really large HPC efforts

Over the past few years, Wall Street has taken a brute force approach to HPC, populating data centers with thousands of servers and racks of blades. These tactics can meet high-performance needs, but the grids and server clusters grow larger every day as firms develop new products and models that demand high performance. …

But where do firms scale from here, and critically, how do they manage escalating power needs?

It’s interesting to see new communities that are facing the same challenges we’re facing.


  1. […] April 3rd, 2007 Penny Crosman has posted an article on Wall Street & Technology entitled “The High-Speed Arms Race on Wall Street Is Leading Firms to Tap High-Performance Computing” (via InsideHPC). The article does a great job showing the breadth of architectural choices that might be considered in addressing high-performance computing needs and gives Steve Ballmer plenty of opportunity to talk about how Microsoft is breaking into the scene. […]