BlueArc and Cray

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BlueArc announced today that they’re getting together with Cray:

Under the relationship, Cray will resell BlueArc’s Titan 2000 network storage systems to HPC customers worldwide and the companies will work together closely to coordinate sales and customer support activities.

Still trying to find out whether this will supplant Cray’s existing relationship with DDN. Also, no news (in the obvious places) on Cray’s web site yet.

[Update to the update: thanks to several for pointing out that Cray offers Lustre support with both DDN and LSI. I’m most focused on DDN, since that’s what I have, and missed the LSI connection.] 

[Update: evidently it’s not a replacement. DDN will still continue to provide Cray’s Lustre’s hardware host in the XT* line. BlueArc’s solutions would be appropriate if you wanted, say, a site-wide filesystem or an HSM system.]