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NVIDIA announced this week its new Quadro FX 5600 GPU. At $17,500 you probably won’t be putting any of these in that cluster of old PCs you have in the basement at home.

It’s a very beefy card, with a 3 GB frame buffer, support for the CUDA GPGPU programming API, and enough graphics power to push up to 80-billion pixels per second. Check out the whole release here.

(I debated about whether to cover this and decided to give it at least a little ink. Think it was a great idea or you couldn’t care less? I’d appreciate some feedback.)


  1. […] Earlier this year NVIDIA had several announcements (hardware and the CUDA GPGPU programming framework 1, 2) around its GPGPU strategy as it tried to stave off an assualt by the AMD/ATI combo and it’s Fusion project. […]