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Sun and Fujitsu's new baby

The Register had coverage earlier this week on Sun’s forthcoming line of midrange and high-end servers, planned for announcement next week. The coverage is detailed, with too much to meaningfully excerpt. Here’s something to whet your appetite; if you’re interested, check out the whole thing:

The Register can reveal in an exclusive that Sun next week plans to announce the M4000/M5000 midrange boxes and the M8000/M9000 high-end systems that will make up its “Olympus” systems based on Fujitsu’s SPARC64 VI processor. Sun will also rebrand its UltraSPARC T1-based Sun Fire T1000/T2000 systems as simply the T1000 and T2000 servers. Sun has yet to provide a more exact ship date for the Olympus gear other than the first half of this year.

…the M9000 will support up to 24 hardware partitions and scale up to 64-sockets. That’s 128 cores of SPARC64 fire power and 256 software threads. On the low-end, the M4000 starts at two sockets.

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