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Archives for May 2007

Buttons, email, and RSS

I just had a thought: I’ve had a big spike in RSS feed subscribers over the past couple days, and it occurs to me that some of those new subscribers might have thought they were getting in line for the super swell buttons we’re offering here at insideHPC. It was my plan to offer the […]

Star-P adds Python support

Interactive Supercomputing announced today that its Star-P product now supports Python, an open source, high-level programming language (see entry at the Wik). From the release Star-P 2.5 for Python is an interactive parallel computing platform that enables users to code algorithms and models on their desktops using Python, but run them instantly and interactively on […]

Altair adopts on demand multi-core licensing model

Altair Engineering (makers of PBS Pro, Hyperworks, and other tools) is talking today about its new software business model to enable the first on-demand computing software environment that tackles the challenges of multi-core processor licensing. In response to industry changes, Altair’s innovative and patented software licensing model for PBS ProfessionalTM allows users to only pay […]

Platform revs Symphony, adds support for up to 4k processors

Platform released news today about the lastest update to its Symphony platform for the financial services industry. Symphony 3.1 now supports up to 4,000 processors per application on grids of up to 20,000 processors. This release doubles the max processor count applications can support. According to the Symphony product page Platform Symphony enables you to […]

Microsoft unveils Surface today

According to SeekingAlpha today: Microsoft Corp. will unveil a coffee table shaped touch-screen computer at a technology conference Wednesday. Called Microsoft Surface (pictured), the computer will forgo the usual convention of keyboards and mouse devices in exchange for Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ vision of more natural human-computer interactions using touch and voice. has video […]

Rackable: the purge continues

According to a story in The Register Rackable’s executive purge continues with the dismissal of Todd Ford, the company’s former Executive Vice President, effective last week. According to the regulatory filing, Ford walks away with 12 months of continued salary ($350,000 US) and health insurance, and accelerated vesting for his stock options. According to the […]

Don't forget about the buttons

Just a friendly reminder that we’re smack in the throws of button-palooza! Advertise your HPC cred and tell the world you’re one of those discriminating readers that all the kids are talking about these days. Check out the pic, and click for a closer look. How can you get them? Glad you asked, because […]

Liquid posts stream results

Canadian-based Liquid Computing is announcing today that its LiquidIQ server has demonstrated world leading results for the STREAM Benchmark for 4 socket Second-Generation AMD Opteron processor-based servers. Using the latest AMD Opteron processors Model 8220 from AMD, LiquidIQ’s Compute Modules can provide more than 20,000 Megabytes per second on all of the STREAM Benchmark Bandwidth […]

Celoxica puts econ spin on FPGA acceleration’s Business Wire is carrying a piece from Celoxica, an FPGA-based accelerated computing solutions manufacturer. At the AMD Torrenza Initiative seminar this week, Celoxica (LSE:CXA) presented results of an oil-exploration algorithm customer benchmark, achieving 28x performance improvement on a forward wave migration algorithm. In addition, Celoxica presented a financial analysis that showed a consistent 10x […]

LNXI's vis system, v2.0

Because I have the ability to peer into the future, I know that on May 29th Linux Networx will announce the immediate availability of it’s second generation LS-V High Performance Visualization System, providing the ability to render very large simulations in real time and delivering insightful results quicker and more efficiently than ever before. The […]