AMD's Phenom chips

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You are all welcome for my studious avoidance of the obvious pun. From c|net’s

Later this year, AMD will unveil its Phenom processors in quad-core and dual-core iterations. Two quad-core chips will be available in the second half of the year, the Phenom FX and the Phenom X4, and a dual-core chip based on a similar design called the Phenom X2 will also appear by the end of the year.

Phenom is the brand name for AMD’s Athlon Desktop replacement, and uses some of the same technologies developed for Barcelona.

According to

Like Barcelona, it will support the AM2 socket, so existing motherboards can use the new chip with just a BIOS (define) upgrade. It will come in dual and quad core flavors with the same integrated L3 cache as Barcelona and the 128-bit floating point unit.

There will be three Phenom product lines, the Phenom FX, X2 and X4, with X2 and X4 representing dual and quad core processors, respectively. AMD will keep the Athlon X2 and low-end Sempron but the single core Athlon and high-end Athlon FX will be replaced by Phenoms.

[Ed.: my earlier statement that Phenom is the product name for Barcelona was just wrong.]