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First, one desktop wallpaper. Then, two. Now: buttons. I know, but get someone to pinch you, because you’re not dreaming.

We’ve got two…that’s right, two…cool HPC buttons. Now you can advertise your HPC cred and tell the world you’re one of those discriminating insideHPC.com readers that all the kids are talking about these days.

They’re about an inch across. Check out the pic, and click for a closer look.

Buttons thumbnail

I know what you’re thinking: “Holy freaking cow! How do I get those?”

Glad you asked, because it’s easy. Just go subscribe to the insideHPC.com daily email update. Once you’re subscribed I’ll send you an email asking for your snail mail address and I’ll mail you not one, but two pair; a pair for you, and a pair for a bud.

That’s it. They’re free and I promise to not sell, give away, or otherwise compromise your email (or snail mail) address or spam you, ever. And if you want, unsubscribe after you get your buttons. Totally your call.

If you’re already an email update subscriber and you’re thinking “Hey, what about me?”, well, we’ve got some love for you, too. Just send an email to john@insidehpc.com and I’ll mail you a set, too.

Here’s the catch: I’ve only got 200 of these things. So sign up now and get yours before they’re gone.


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