Buttons, email, and RSS

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I just had a thought: I’ve had a big spike in RSS feed subscribers over the past couple days, and it occurs to me that some of those new subscribers might have thought they were getting in line for the super swell buttons we’re offering here at insideHPC.

It was my plan to offer the buttons to email, not RSS, subscribers of the site, mostly because RSS subscribers are anonymous to me — I don’t know how to get in touch with any of you.

But if you’re in this group, or if you’re just a reader who wants some buttons without adding to your email volume, let me know. Drop me an email with your (postal) address, and while I’ve got buttons left, I’ll drop them in the mail to you.

Because that’s the kind of guy I am. And as always: buttons free. No spam, and no selling, trading, or compromising any of your personal information. This is just my way to say thanks for reading.


  1. Costin Calisov says


    Actually the spike i think is because of following article:
    I know because i’m one of this new subscribers 🙂