Custom pharmaceuticals? That's sooooo 2006.

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Reader Jay Blair sends in what has to be my own personal technology high point. I’m taking the rest of the year off, because it’s all down hill from here.

Mouse on over to and read the article (from early last year…if I had only seen it sooner) about the custom ice cream machine that runs on–you guessed it–Linux, with a healthy dose of your dreams mixed right in.

Unlike soft-serve ice cream machines, MooBella creates real ice cream, the company says, in 45 seconds, to customer specifications.

MooBella has put Linux to work making ice cream, in a vending machine that Wallace and Gromit would be proud of. The MooBella vending machine uses Linux 2.4 and a Red Hat filesystem to make 96 varieties of ice cream, on demand, in about 45 seconds per precisely-measured serving.

What, you could fairly ask, does this have to do with HPC? Well, there’s the whole Linux thing, and…I like ice cream.