Dell's datacenter solution

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This article (re-linked from, which has been removed) from SeekingAlpha on Friday is interesting in the degree to which it illuminates the high volume hype computer vendors are cranking out these days as they try to go green and become your one stop datacenter shop.

Dell’s CTO Kevin Kettler and Jay Parker, director of PowerEdge servers …, announced Project Hybrid, which they said will set a new industry standard for reducing cost and complexity in datacenters.

…It appears that Dell’s approach is to deliver plug-and-play, power efficient, virtualized datacenter equipment. “[Customers] want it in a package, and they don’t want to piece it together,” Parker said. It’s unclear how unique that will be in the next six months.

He went on to say that the benefits of Project Hybrid will supposedly bring–reduction in deployment times from weeks and days to hours and minutes, reduction in power consumption by 40 percent, and management costs sliced by up to 50 percent–don’t exist today from HP, IBM or even Dell today.

It wasn’t at all clear to me (or the author, Dan Farber from ZDnet) from reading the piece how Dell’s solution is a shift from what HP, IBM, or Sun are offering. Parker did go out of his way to characterize other vendor offerings as “vaporware,” which is ironic since Dell’s stuff isn’t supposed to start shipping until “the second half of this year.”


  1. […] This move fits right in with the move Dell made in May to start focusing on the entire datacenter, rather than just the machine that goes in it. This strategy reflects a realization that many of the customers that Dell wants to woo — enterprise HPC customers with no significant prior experience — need help getting past the major pain points of system installation and management. […]


  1. Looks like the original article is no longer there, so it’s still a bit unclear what Project Hybrid means 🙁

    Yahoo – Document Has Expired
    The requested document, `/seekingalpha/070518/35946_id.html’, is no longer available.

  2. stgt – I’ve updated the link for you.