FY08 appropriations: DOE doing well

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The CRA’s Policy Blog gives us a peek at the first FY08 appropriations numbers, and the DOE is doing well

The Department of Energy’s Office of Science would see significant increases under the FY 2008 House Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill marked up by the E&W Approps Subcommittee yesterday. Though we don’t yet have all the detail about increases in individual accounts, we do know that the Office of Science would see an overall increase to $4.516 billion in FY 2008, which is $120 million above the President’s request for FY 2008 and $719 million above the FY 2007 level, or an increase of 18.9 percent.

While we don’t yet know how the money is going to get divided within the department, this could mean some increase for the Advanced Scientific Computing Research Program. We’ll know in June when the full committee marks up the bill.


  1. […] We already reported on the DOE’s progress so far, and the committee that funds NIH got a bump of over $5B. There is a long way to go before these ideas become law, and remember we didn’t even have a budget for most Federal agencies in FY2007. […]