HP adds Cisco DDR InfiniBand offerings

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HP announced today that the company is adding Cisco’s InfiniBand solutions to its HPC hardware product line.

First, HP will offer Cisco double data rate (DDR) InfiniBand-based Server Fabric Switches (SFS) as part of HP’s Unified Cluster Portfolio. Additionally, HP BladeSystem c-Class servers are now supported with Cisco’s standards-based InfiniBand host driver software.

According to the release

The Cisco family of SFS DDR switches offers low microsecond latency from end to end and an exceptionally low DDR bit error rate. This low bit error rate provides higher fabric uptime and faster job completion times, especially as the size of the fabric grows larger. Additionally, Cisco has designed the SFS High Performance Subnet Manager with database synchronization and fast link recovery to ensure fabric stability and successful job completion in large 1,000 to 5,000 node networks.

The Cisco SFS DDR InfiniBand switches range from a 24-port fixed chassis configuration up to a 288-port modular chassis. Cisco also fully supports Open Fabric drivers as well as its own driver stacks for enterprise high-availability and virtualization requirements.