HPC and America's Cup

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via HPCwire

Swiss DALCO, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of high-performance computing solutions, has doubled the computer power for Alinghi, Defender of the 32nd America’s Cup. The supercomputer was designed and custom-built by DALCO to meet Alinghi’s demand for increased computer power to best evaluate the latest design developments, to simulate their effects and to adapt and integrate them as fast as possible during this critical phase of the competition.

It’s not surprising the CFD and HPC are a big part of the technology needed to win the America’s Cup these days, but it’s still interesting to hear about it. Full release here.
Although the press release doesn’t give specifics, it does say that the system in question has “over 600 processor-cores.”

DALCO’s product line includes clusters built from Itanium, Xeon, and Pentium-4 processors, so it’s probably an Intel cluster.