HPC in Finance

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Dan Ciruli points to a forthcoming (May 15) seminar in San Francisco on HPC in Finance:

On Tuesday, May 15, Microsoft, Digipede Technologies, HP, and other Microsoft partners will host a half-day informational event in San Francisco on High-Performance Computing (HPC) in Financial Services, describing how to achieve faster “time to insight” from computationally intensive financial applications.

We’ll run through some real-world examples of how our financial services customers use the HP / Microsoft / Digipede solution to make more money by dramatically improving application performance and scalability. Such applications include risk management, trading analytics, wealth management, and many other lucrative areas. We’ll present information on how the Digipede Network integrates with and adds value to HP clusters and servers, as well as Microsoft’s entire technology stack, including the new Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 (CCS), Visual Studio 2005, .NET, Excel 2007, SharePoint 2007, and more.

If I wasn’t averse to transcontinental flights, I’d head out there myself.