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Introducing Mike…

I’m pleased as punch (that’s right, punch) to announce that Mike McCracken is joining the team here at insideHPC. While I continue to focus on industry happenings and bite-sized summaries of the news, Mike will be focusing on research and issues affecting HPC users, and may even do some longer form articles.

For those of you without a program, here’s Mike’s official bio:

Michael O. McCracken is a Ph.D. candidate at UCSD, and a member of the PMaC lab at SDSC. His research interests include HPC productivity, performance analysis and compiler technology. He has a personal weblog at


  1. Mike McCraken! We were in the ACM together back at Penn State. Ah, the simple days of undergrad.

  2. What a surprise to be recognized… It really is a small world.


  1. […] is more of a weblog than either of the first two – John E. West covers news stories in brief with some added perspective and analysis. I like his approach, and I’ve joined him to help cover academic HPC issues, both computing research and issues affecting computational scientists. […]

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