ScaleOut Software updates software offerings

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ScaleOut Software announced this week that it has released new StateServer and GeoServer software.

StateServer 3.0 is the latest version of the company’s NET-based distributed caching product:

Version 3.0 adds important performance optimizations that reduce access times and boost overall application performance while reducing CPU and network overheads. This version also includes new capabilities for fast and reliable remote access by networked client applications to a server farm running ScaleOut StateServer. These latest enhancements, along with the new ScaleOut GeoServer™ option, open up new ways to use distributed caching in the most demanding server-farm applications.

StateServer GeoServer Option, in its first release,

extends distributed caching across multiple, geographically distributed data centers so that they can share fast-changing workloads and be fully protected against site-wide failures. GeoServer’s capabilities help IT managers meet the stringent performance and uptime needs of high-end Web sites and other mission-critical applications.