A bushel basketful of Scali news

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The PR machine at Scali has been busy stocking up news for ISC this week. They’ve got four announcements today, one of which I’ve already covered. Here’s the 411 on the rest.

Scali MPI Connect will be available with Windows CCS 2003 on July 31. The new version will include cross-platform compatibility:

Additionally, the Scali MPI Connect Windows product is fully compatible and consistent with the company’s Linux version, allowing users to create a seamless environment of both Linux and Windows platforms, simplifying the development, support and administration of heterogeneous installations.

Scali and Mellanox are also announcing the results of their quad-core Xeon benchmarking at Topcrunch.

Based on the LS-Dyna neon_refined_revised TopCrunch benchmark, Scali and Mellanox were able to compare SMP implementations and MPI-based versions of the same application. The ScaliTM MPI ConnectTM based-version, running in conjunction with Mellanox 20Gb/s InfiniBand interconnect, delivered superior performance than alternatives. Additionally, on a jobs per day basis, the data showed that the distribution of the applications can significantly increase throughput. By example, running two jobs across 16 nodes, with 4 cores per node dedicated to each job delivered 43% greater jobs per day than the same jobs run serially with all eight cores dedicated to a single job. The benchmarks results were obtained on the “Helios” cluster (Mellanox Cluster Center).

And finally, HP has Scali inside

Scali Manage, an integrated and flexible cluster management and monitoring system, and Scali MPI Connect, the highest performing MPI solution, is [sic] now available as an option for HP Flexible Computing Services, which offers organizations the ability to obtain compute power that is centrally provisioned, administered and managed by HP in a highly secure data center.