Bull's PR push: can HPC SuperBowl commercials be far behind?

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Bull logoI missed it, but Michael Feldman pointed me to Bull’s new PR campaign. The European HPC hardware manufacturer has started a media campaign that you can read about here and experience for yourself (with videos) here.

Some of the campaign, created to look like a guerrilla effort complete with a spray painting Flash web home page, is a little schlocky. Some of it, like the concept videos, has extremely high production value, something we don’t often see in ad campaigns in HPC (when was the last time you saw a Cray or an SGI commercial?).

Why do you care? The whole thing (schlock and all) is interesting because it shows Europe’s number one HPC vendor developing a strategy to bring modern marketing practice from it’s enterprise client base into a campaign that bridges the enterprise and technical HPC communities.

I believe we’ll see more of this as the enterprise side of the HPC market continues to grow and the traditional HPTC vendors (Cray, SGI, LNXI) rush to figure out how to capture more of that market while the enterprise HPC vendors (like Penguin and Rackable) develop dual-purpose enterprise HPC marketing efforts into HPTC.

At least I hope we do. Then I’ll finally be in a career field that’s big enough to have its own commercials.


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