Clemson and Sun partner in transportation research center

Print Friendly, PDF & Email is reporting news that Sun and Clemson University are collaborating in a research center for the transportation industry. The Computational Center for Mobility Systems will be housed on the Clemson campus in Greenville, S.C. According to the story:

Sun logoThe center’s executive director, James H. Leylek, said the center will offer one-stop shopping for clients in mobility industries that include automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, the aerospace industry, motorsports teams, heavy trucks, shipbuilders, aviation and gas turbines companies.

“This center will reduce both the time and money that it takes to get an aerodynamically sound vehicle or an optimized engine into the marketplace,” Leylek said. “Manufacturers can simulate multiple design options simultaneously by running computations overnight and build the final product only once, instead of the more traditional build-and-test cycles, which drive up cost and time.”